The living room design mistakes you should avoid

A living room is a room in a home that is used by family members to sit and relax and also for leisure activities, entertaining, guest, talking, reading, or watching television.

Living rooms are the beating heart of the home; they provide warmth, companionship, and promote gathering.

It’s easy for home design mistakes to happen in the living room such as using small furniture, placing couches against walls, and failing to keep spaces between your coffee table and your couch or entertainment cabinet.

So here come the 6 common mistakes of  living room design

With more importance on living rooms than ever before, it is important to consider the styles that are never worth trying. Here’s what to avoid when designing your living room.

  • Planning

  • Circulation

  • Furniture Arrangement

  • Window Position

  • Putting Your TV at an Angle

  • Furniture Clearance

Let’s discuss one by one

1. Planning

Planning consideration should include adequate floor and wall space for windows furniture lighting and television. There should also be a separation of traffic ways from the center of activity and easy access to furniture and windows.


2. Circulation

Circulation or Traffic in the living room is caused by the interference of furniture. This can be avoided with good circulation. When through traffic is unavoidable pathway should go around the conversational or activity centers.


3. Furniture Arrangement

The size of the living room and furniture arrangement vary greatly depending on the room size. So here comes the typical furniture arrangement for a two or three-bedroom apartment. usually, furniture arrangement also depends on living room activities like a conversation, unrelated activities, listening to music, or watching television.


4. Window Position

The best place for a TV is a black wall. Don’t install the TV in front of a window or close to a window. As it is harmful to your eyesight and prevents you from clearly seeing the image.


5. Putting Your TV at an Angle

TVs at an angle won’t fool anyone into thinking. It’s part of the wall or fireplace mantel.

“What you also don’t want to do is put your TV at an angle. So people believe it is part of the fireplace or wall”

Suggests Designer Nicole Albano.

“It won’t fool anyone into thinking it’s part of the wall or fireplace mantel.”


6. Furniture Clearance

Furniture clearance along with human dimensions should be taken into account when planning the furniture arrangement.


These are some of the guidelines to illustrate minimum clearance for preliminary planning purposes.


As we all search for the perfect color schemes; we end up making a few mistakes that we claim two weeks later were what we originally wanted. Hopefully, you won’t make these common living room design mistakes when decorating your living room.


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