When it comes to decorating or design how do you spend your money where it counts?
Where can you invest your money well?
What are the guidelines for placing furniture?
How large should your living room rug be?
How do you know what size lights you need and where to hang them?

Hello, I’m Ar. Tania A freelancer at Fiverr.com I’ve been with Fiverr.com for over 9 years. I found that there’s one thing that’s always on our customer’s minds when decorating.

How can you be sure to spend your money?
Where does it count?

My team decorates 100 homes a year. So over those years, we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge and expertise to answer that question.

Here are 5 tips to design a House on a Budget-Friendly.

  • Start with Larger Items

  • Add Art

  • Paint for Visual Impact

  • Use Rugs, Cushions, and More

  • Turn on the Statement. Lighting


1. Start with your larger items.

Starts with your larger item, Which won’t be replaced often. These are the pieces everything else in the room plays off of. This would include larger scale items, Such as your sofa in your gathering room. The bed and your owner’s suite, and dining chairs in your dining space.

The bed and your owner’s suite, and dining chairs in your dining space.

Make sure the foundational elements are items you love, that will help guide. The rest of your design decisions.

2.  Add Art

Putting new art in a room can Transform the feel without spending too much.DIY, to personalize photography, to options found somewhere like Way fair. All can be very budget-friendly.

DIY to personalize photography can be very budget-friendly.

3. Paint for Visual Impact

Paint is another easy way to transform the look of a room. Paint Companies like Kansai and many others have a beautiful palette for any room in your home.

You can use paint to brighten up a space or make a statement with an accent wall. We also have a video about the difference paint can make, and how to choose and coordinate colors.

4. Use Rugs, Cushions, and More

Refreshing soft goods meaning rugs, cushions, drapes, pillows, and throws can spruce up any interior. Keep in mind you want the fabrics to be durable and forgiving when it comes to stain resistance, especially if you have kids or pets. Outdoor fabrics have advanced and are extremely soft to the touch. Consider them as an option they’re durable and resist water and spills.

5. Turn on the Statement. Lighting

Finally, if you have money in your budget to spare consider. Adding some lighting as a finishing touch.

Statement lighting can play a huge role in creating a unique and memorable space. Think of it as jewelry for your home in the kitchen. Pendant lighting offers the option to add a touch of personalization. Pendants should be placed 29 to 35 inches, above the countertop or 70  to 75 inches, above the floor. A general rule is to use pendants 14 to 16 inches in height, and 8 to 20 inches in diameter.

You’ll want to space them at least 5 to 7 inches from the edge of the island. Keep them about 28 to 32 inches apart for your dining room.

Chandelier chooses the size based on the room. An easy way to do this is to add up the dimensions.

For example for a 10-foot by 15-foot room add 10 and 15 to get 25, and choose a chandelier that’s at least 25 inches in diameter.

Statement lighting, Pendants to be placed, 10-foot by 15-foot room

For a 9-foot high ceiling. Your chandelier should be about 33 to 37 inches above the table if your ceiling is higher than 9 feet. Add an additional 3 inches for each additional foot.

In the bedroom putting pendant lights over your nightstands is a unique departure from the standard lamp or wall mount sconce. The width of the pendant should be approximately half the width of the nightstand and hung about 20 to 30 inches above it.

Another way to add a dramatic flair to your bedroom is to use a chandelier. The placement of your bedroom chandelier will depend on the placement of the junction box.

  • If centered width-wise over the bed you can hang a standard chandelier.
  • If it’s off-center consider using a flush mount, semi-flush mount, or a ceiling fan.

Those are just a few decorating tips, which help make the process less intimidating without breaking the bank. Some discounts to save you even more money after you closed on your home.

Now go have fun designing your space and if you want some more tips to keep visiting our website www.cadregen.com